Anal Douches

The importance of proper cleaning and a good wash both before and after anal encounters cannot be stressed enough. After all, unsanitary private parts aren’t high on most people’s ‘to-do’ list, so a reliable and safe enema or anal douche kit is essential. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options and styles amid the market today that are designed for both men and women seeking a superior cleaning solution.

Don’t believe the hype that only men appreciate the power and cleanliness of a pump douche, as our online options include goodies with both anal and vaginal nozzles to increase stimulation for the G-spot and the P-spot. Customer favorites include the Fetish Unisex Series and the Nasstoys His & Hers Douche Kit.

Our anal douche collection boasts traditional handheld pump styled bulb applicators and impressive shower systems replete with hanging bags, extra long nozzle hoses and direct connections to water sources. Try one of our top selling shower-style anal cleanser kit options such as Bathmate’s Hydrodouche or the Colt Advanced Shower Shot, which includes handy accessories designed to provide a hygienic feeling that outshines even medical grade enema devices.

You can explore smaller bulb and detachable nozzle cleansers that are sleek and smooth for no-nonsense wash sessions, or consider ribbed or escalating shaft options that allow for a bit of extra stimulation while in the bath or shower. Easy to use and clean, simply fill the bulb or water pouch with a vaginal or anal cleanser solution, and use as directed to keep your most intimate places clean, fresh, and ready for action!

Anal douching is as necessary as bathing. If you engage in anal sex, anal douching is something that keeps your anus clean. Simply fill the bulb with room temperature water and squeeze slowly into your anus. The sensation is much like the process of an enema. You can purchase enema-like syringes and pouches or bulbs with detachable shafts that can be cleaned.