Like sweet and salty or fire and ice, pleasure and pain go together not neatly, not easily, but beautifully, meeting in a perfect clash. Enliven your private time together with an expertly-crafted, high-quality sex toy that puts the power in one partner’s hand and heightens sensation for the other. Our flogger is playful and versatile, fitting for those just starting to experiment with light dominance and submission play as well as for the more experienced.

Crafted from supple, black leather, the look of this sex toy as well as its naughty stinging caress was designed with adventurous lovers in mind. The smooth handle is easily wielded and the leather strands balance smooth texture with the mischievous snap against bare skin. The mini size travels easily for thrilling nights on vacation or a particularly daring honeymoon. A variety of styles, colors, and fabrics are available, including black, brown, pink, red, and purple, made with leather, suede, satin, rope, or faux leather.

The bundle of tresses is cut with precision and intricacy to ensure all are the same length and will effectively snap together when struck. This is an important facet of design as most of the flogger’s effect comes from the final few inches of the ends. The handle was made with comfort in mind, to facilitate a grip that helps strike on target with either gentle or stronger force.

Treat yourself to a quality sex toy shipped from Singapore.

You can almost taste the whip, can't you? Whether you're dominant or submissive, you will want to check out the collection of floggers to find a sadistic pleasure lasher that's right for you and your partner. Not all floggers are created equal: whether you're after faux leather, satin or something else, we are sure to have a flogger that will deliver the whip-cracking sting that you crave.