Best Sex Toys & Lube for Better Sex

Adult toys are thrilling, exciting, and ultimately satisfying - but that doesn't mean that some aren't a little better than others. At CherryAffairs, we take pride in offering the best of the best when it comes to high-quality brands in sex toys, but even with our fantastic catalog, there are a few true superstars. These are the vibrators that curl your toes, the masturbators that leave you with a huge smile on your face, the toys that make your time together even more special.

New, Frisky, and Fun

Whether you're visiting our online sex toy store for the first time or are a returning shopper, you'll always find the newest and most highly-rated toys in our Featured Sex Toys Collection. (So be sure to bookmark this page!) Our team looks through user reviews, new technology in powered toys, award-winning adult toys to bring you fresh new items that will rock your bedroom. Even if your toy collection is already impressive, chances are you'll find something that "tickles your fancy" in all the right ways. Your new favorite bedroom companion may be a few short clicks away!

Shop With Your Lover

Want to try something daring? Need a boost to your sexual confidence? Looking to spice things up with a special someone? Shop with your partner and scroll through our online collection of featured toys - you're bound to find something you want to explore together. All that shopping and talking might just lead to a breathless, blissful romp between the sheets as you eagerly await your new pleasure toys. A great opportunity to understand your partner better and bring your relationship to the next level. You won't have to wait long, either: our fast, efficient shipping service offers quick delivery right here in Singapore or worldwide through our trustworthy, discreet delivery partners.