Warming Lube

The perfect companion to fuel a night of ecstasy, warming lube revs up your senses and creates a tingling sensation to excite your entire body, making it eager for touch, kisses, and skin-to-skin contact. Warming lube is a necessity for erotic play of all kinds, effortlessly setting the mood for flirtation, sensation, and friction, while keeping things comfortable throughout your session so you and your partner are free to concentrate on giving yourselves over completely to the experience.

With so many flavour and preferences in mind, we wants every customer to find a perfect addition to help get the night started. Browse our intoxicating selection of fun colored lubricants from clear, orange, red, or black, and an exciting array of brands that naturally heat up on your skin and give an extra tingle. Our online store carries water-based lubricants that are naturally moistening to your body and perfectly complement our sex toys. These warming lubricant is safe, natural, and works wonderfully to prime your skin and mimic the body’s natural heat. Be sure to add warming lube to your cart so you’ll be ready to make the night an unforgettable one!

The warm lube series mimics a woman's natural lubricant with a warm touch to elevate every caress and glide for maximum pleasure. It works wonders with toys made of ABC plastic, glass, steel, wood or ceramic. It can be used for solo flights or first class enjoyment with the special one.