About Us

CherryAffairs is arguably the most customer oriented online adult toy shop around. We are based in Singapore and we pride ourselves for having outstanding customer service quality. Be it pre-sales or post sales, we are here to satisfy you not only with our outstanding quality products but also ensure that you purchase our toys with a peace of mind.

Outstanding Service Quality


Deliveries are kept 100% discreet. No one will ever know what exactly is in the parcel, except for you. All our parcels are securely sealed and you will know immediately if someone tempers with your parcel.

We never take chance when our customers’ privacies are concerned. Our packaging techniques are tested and proven to the most discreet way and it’s close to impossible for anyone else to know your purchase at all.

Internet Banking Discreetness

We understand your concern over what appears on your internet banking statement, this is why we fight hard for another name to appear there. Instead of “CherryAffairs Sex Toys” you will see “Paypal *CA”, absolutely no one is going to know where and what you buy.


CherryAffairs treats customers’ privacy of utmost importance. For the very fact that our business is built on your private life, we will do everything to preserve that trust. Yes, it is our vow that our customer’s particulars be kept a TOP SECRET as far as we are concerned.  

Fast Response

We have a trained team of customer relations officer round the clock to answer to any queries that you might have. They are stationed at customerservice@cherryaffairs.com, you can ask them about prices, stock availability, functions, usage and they will reply you in no time.

Simple Transaction Process

Our purchase procedures are arranged in such a way that’s simple and fast. If you have PayPal, Masters or Visa it will be a click of a mouse button and a few keys.

Multiple Payment Alternative

We don’t believe your privilege to enjoy sex should be restricted simply because you don’t have internet banking. You may make the purchase via bank transfer to our DBS account, Cash on delivery, Visa or Mastercard.

Outstanding Product Quality

Highly Selective

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Therefore, we are highly selective of the quality of sex toys we import and sell. With our stringent selection criteria, you can be sure that the sex toy you buy from us will be able to bring your sexual experience to a whole new level at the lowest economical cost possible.