Bedtime isn't just for sleep anymore. Whether you want to spice up your nighttime, or if you just want to feel sexy around the house, these cute designs are for you. Imagine strutting around your playmate in nice shiny satin lingerie. Tantalize your lover in a sheer babydoll outfit that barely covers your sexy body. Explore your naughty side in a powder blue teddy with the snap crotch for easy access. Sexy plus size lingerie is available!

Robes can offer the best of both worlds. On one hand, the standard cotton robe is a comfortable outfit that conceals and warms your body when you don't feel like getting dressed. But robes can provide that same comfort from a slightly naughtier perspective. This collection has several satin or silk robe and thong pairings that look great fully closed of slightly open. If you want a little more coverage, the Kimono robe and matching chemise are available in several colors.

Women who prefer a more sheer appearance will love babydoll lingerie. These dresses all emphasize the beauty of the female form and perfectly tease the erotic undergarments underneath. You can find pink ruffled varieties for the playful at heart or more daring bad girl versions in black. For those that are a little more reserved, you can find Babydoll dresses that cover your body in beautiful sexy patterns. Most outfits are adjustable for plus size customers.

As a woman, there are many things you can wear to make a night extra special, or simply to feel sexy in your own skin. Our selection of chemises will do just that. They are the perfect kind of lingerie when you are looking to be both sexy and comfortable. These chemises will allow you to meet both your needs and the needs of your partner. Consider getting one or a few today and enjoy all of the benefits.