Vibrating Panties

Are you looking to spice up your sex life either alone or with a partner? If so, vibrating panties may be a great addition to your sex life.

Vibrating panties are similar to a vibrator, yet are very different. They provide the same vibrating stimulation, but in a panty, rather than a toy. Most come with a remote, that you can control, or you can hand your remote over to your partner to let them control. The remote can control the intensity of the vibrations that you are receiving or the pattern of the vibrations, depending on the exact type of vibrating panties that you purchase.

Many people or couples prefer to wear the panties out in public. You can then be discreet with your sexual desires, with also reaching an orgasm without anyone else knowing. Panties can also be played with at home in the privacy of your bedroom.

Are you ready to slip into some vibrating lingerie that is sure to help you increase your sexual pleasure? These perfect pussy pick-me-ups are ideal when that afternoon stretch starts to get longer and longer. Multiple settings are available to stimulate a sneaky orgasm or a more intense climax. These are also great for couples and a sexy way to dominate a partner in public, to hold such power, by discreet remote control, in your hands.