Lube (Silicone Based)

A silicone based lubricant is one of the most popular lubes on the market today. This is because this type of lubricant is safe, effective and can be used for a variety of sex acts. If you are looking to purchase lubricant for personal reasons, read on to find out why silicone lube may be perfect for your lubricant needs.

Silicone lubricant is safe to use in the vaginal area. This makes sex more enjoyable for both partners and helps to prevent rips and tears. Younger couples who have no dryness issues find that lube makes it easier to have sex in certain positions. If you are looking to spice things up and try sex in different positions, lube may help to ensure those positions are comfortable and achievable.

Silicone lube is also safe to use in the anal region. Anal sex can be enjoyable, but lubrication needs to be used, as the body does not naturally lubricate this area. Lubrication helps to prevent tears in this sensitive region and any excess friction or rubbing.

Lastly, silicone lube can be used with many of your favorite adult sex toys. Simply add a bit of lube to your favorite sex toy, such as a vibrator or handheld male masturbator, and enjoy the smoothness of the toy gliding over your body.

We have a large selection of silicone based lubricant available for purchase. You can find ones that are designed for women, men, or even both partners. There are also creams, gels, liquids, and more to choose from so you can always get the kind of lubricant you want for your sexual play.

Please note that silicone based lubricant cannot be used with condoms or silicone toys.