Delay Spray

Have you ever wished that you could last longer in bed? This is a wish that many people have when it comes to satisfying their lover. If only you could last a minute or two longer, your partner may be able to get the sexual satisfaction they are looking to get from you. Fortunately, there is something that you can do to last a little bit longer.

There is a sex spray, called a delay spray, or a delayer, which is designed to help a man to last a little bit longer. While it will not increase a man's stamina dramatically, or help them to last hours in bed, it can help them to last a couple of minutes longer, which may be the change you need to increase your sexual satisfaction with your partner.

Prolong sprays are liquids that helps in reducing sensitivity of his penis, enabling him to last longer on bed. These sprays work around the problem, providing him and her with nights long of amazing sexual experiences. 

There are different sprays on the market, each with their own formula. Take the time to read up on the different delay sprays to help you determine which may most appeal to you. Our adult store based in Singapore carries all of the sprays you need.