Massage Essentials

You will find a vast selection of sensual aromatic candles designed to enhance any sexual experience. Favorites include the Kama Sutra and Shunga Erotic Art Massage Candles that emit aphrodisiac aromas while melting into a warm, soothing massage oil—a two in one delight. We also carry several other luxurious brands of massage candles including Pico Bong and Mu.

Our Singapore based adult retail store also offers a huge selection of traditional skin softening massage oil lines crafted from the finest ingredients, because you and your recipient’s body deserve only the best. Top sellers include oils from Sliquid, Nuru and Intimate Earth that are available in an array of tantalizing scents ranging from fruity to sultry. We also offer Durex - Play Massage 2 in 1 for those anticipating sex play during a massage experience. Most of our adult erotic oils are versatile and safe for sensual exploration beyond massages.

Add essential oils to your sex scene or your everyday life with Earthly Body 100% Pure Essential Oils in natural essences such as patchouli, lemongrass, peppermint, and tea tree oil. Even solo sex play becomes more exciting with enticing scents and aromas lingering in the air. Check out the vast selection below for more great products including exotic serums for clitoral sensitization that boost levels of arousal and kits that offer several products in one gift-ready package.

Massage Essentials include Massage Candles, Massage Oil, Massage Lotion and Essential Oils - everything you need for a good relaxing time. Create your own aromatherapy at the comfort of your own home!  Add another level of intimacy to your love life with our massage oil candles. These candles melt at a super-low temperature so you can safely pour them into your hands or over your lover's body to use the oil for a sexy and sensual massage that leaves your skin soft and moist! Available in a variety of scents, you're sure to find something that both you and your partner love. While the candle is burning, it helps to set the mood with ambient light and scents. We carry candles from popular brands including Lelo, Picobong and Bijoux Cosmetiques.