Nipple & Clit Clamps

Take a power walk on the freaky side, or just stroll into it at your own pace. Either way, the collection of Nipple and Clit clamps aim to tease and please. Get fifty shades of kinky with our wide variety of nipple clamps that will allow you to infuse as little or as much pain into your sex life as you can take.

A vast collection of vibrating teasers and pleasers, our nip and clit clamps allow you to bring the pain in the best way. Great for those interested in BDSM, these wide variety of clamps make it possible for you to explore aspects of your sexual appetite you may have never dared to taste before. No matter if you are looking for a clit clamp, something to stimulate your nipples, or both, this collection of toys is an excellent place to start.

Stimulate your mind and clitoris by venturing into uncharted waters with these toys. Available online to anyone who is searching the web for new adventures, no matter if you are male or female, we have a clit clamp, nip clamp, trick, or clip that will pinch, probe, and pleasure you for hours and hours.

If you are a fan of bondage in any form, and really who isn't nowadays, then this is a must have toy on your shopping list. Our nipple and clit clamps are top of the line to hold on to your most sensitive erogenous zones in an oh so pleasurable way. Some of these vibrate and some do not, depending on your own personal erotic preference.