Prolong Erection

While some may refer to it as "edging", prolonging your erection is a technique to enhance sexual pleasure and discipline. It's not only useful for improving your sex life but also enhances masturbation and male health.

There are even benefits of prolonging the male erection, including:

  • Increased arousal -- You will have flushed skin, increased heartbeat, and blood flow to your member for a rock hard erection you've never seen before.
  • Intense orgasm -- Instead of going off like a firecracker and losing interest, edging allows you to plateau at peak pleasure, making orgasm harder to reach.
  • Satisfaction -- After you've achieved an intense orgasm and resolved your urges, you may notice a longer refractory period before you get aroused again.
  • Relax in the bedroom -- With more satisfying sex comes better sleep, closer relationships, and overall reduced performance anxiety. The hormones released during longer sex sessions also contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

While prolonging one's erection is a practice in physical & mental discipline, it can be made easier with the help of intricate toys, gels, sprays, and training kits. Just like training for a sport, you will build up your tolerance and stamina break barriers in sexual performance.

We have a wide selection of erection prolonging aids to bring you to this new realm of pleasure. Perhaps try a vibrating penis ring, along with some Delay Spray.