Hair Removers

Tidy up your personal areas with the full selection of hair removal products for a female or a male. There's something oh-so-sexy about genitals with manicured pubic hair, and sometimes, tidying up the bikini area is just a necessary part of grooming to keep things from growing wild or unruly. Do yourself a favor and give your partner a sweet, sensuous surprise in the process.

Shave gels from name brands you know like Veet and Sliquid, Pjur aftershave for ladies, Kama Sutra shave cream, calming skin spray to deter irritation after shaving or waxing—your sensitive skin will be left silky soft and completely hairless if that's what you and your lover prefer. We even have waterproof shavers that can be taken with you in the shower and in-shower hair remover products that can be used in absolute privacy.

Pick from your choice of a personal trimmer designed for the vaginal area, a shaver that has no blades at all for super-sensitive skin, or hair removal creams that are meant for the most delicate areas and can give you that Brazilian hair ... down there! Whatever it is you want to do with your intimate areas, we have the finest selection to help you make it happen. Take a look at these hair remover products and find new ways to get that non-irritated shaved look, short trim, or perfectly manicured personal area.

From hair removal cream to shaving accessories and wax strips shop at your convenience. Want a close, smooth shave with no irritation? Try our skin softening shave gels. For those who prefer not to shave, Veet offers a number of shaving alternatives. Their in-shower hair removal creams and wax strips will leave your skin feeling inviting to the touch. Something for everyone!