Dildos & Dongs

Dildos, also known as dongs, are insertable sex toys that generally don't have a vibrating component. They are usually shaped like a penis, and can come in a variety of colors, including translucent, neon and glow in the dark. Some are designed to be used by hand, while others will fit snugly into a specially-designed harness for strap on delights. For extra fun, try a unique glass dildo or a special "cloning" kit that mimics your partner's erection!

Go deeper and explore. We enjoy the sensations from touch on the surface of our skin, but going beneath the surface with dildos and dongs can be an amazing experience. Spend some time alone discovering what feels good. There's a whole new realm to explore below the surface. Go slow, and listen to what your body tells you as you gain new levels of intimacy.

These products are the result of careful exploration, discovery and design. They're also a source of amazing, so-far-undiscovered feelings of arousal and ecstasy that will make you feel like you've uncovered a hidden treasure. Penetrating toys like dildos and dongs allow partners to get intimate with each other in new and extremely personal ways using safe and creatively designed materials and shapes. Shop for something that suits your taste.