A blindfold can be one of the most intriguing sex toys on the market. The blindfold can be worn when you are seeking to heighten your other senses. When you take away the sense of sight, your other senses such as touch and hearing are heightened, which may allow you to experience new feelings with your partner in the bedroom.

A blindfold can be worn during a very sensual experience. One partner wants to surprise the other partner with something special. They can place the blindfold over their partners eyes and lead them into a romantic bedroom filled with rose petals and candles, where they can begin massaging them and enjoy each other's company.

A blindfold can also be used when you are looking for something a bit rougher and greyer in nature. Blindfolds are often used in the BDSM or bondage fetish world. Combining a blindfold with other types of sex toy, such as a leather whip or handcuffs, allows one partner to dominate the other and impose their will in this consensual sex act.

Whether you are looking to do something sweet or romantic or you want to elevate playtime with your partner to something a bit naughtier, a blindfold may be the perfect option. Blindfolds can be made from many different materials, including satin, cotton or leather, so select the material that feels great on your face, while also blocking your vision so you can sit back and enjoy a new experience with your partner.

You can find a range of blindfold products in materials like satin, lace and even leather. Let your vision go for a bit - your newly enlivened and extra-sensitived body will thank you.