Bed Restraint Kits

Restraints, also called bed straps, are often more comfortable than cuffs. They extend under the mattress, fully restraining your partner's arms or legs during sex. Bed restraints are used in the BDSM or adult bondage world. They allow you to tie down your partner so you can make them a sex slave or so that you can have your way with them and please them without having them move their arms and legs when they would normally reach out in ecstasy.

Bed restraints can be perfect for someone who is heavily involved in the BDSM fetish community and has a sub they want to keep tied up during sexual acts, or for the casual couple who simply want to play around and experiment with different sexual toys and activities to find out what kind of kink they are into and what appeals to them.

Bed restraints come in a variety of materials, ranging from thin material and Velcro restraints to harder and colder metal restraints. Some can be tied to the headboard and removed when they are not in use, while others go under the mattress, and can be tucked away in a discreet manner when they are no longer needed or in use for the night. Consider what material the restraints are made from, how they can be adhered to a partner, and how they can be cleaned to help you find the restraints that are ideal for your love of play and fun.

With bed restraints, you can turn any mattress into a piece of bondage equipment that will keep your partner secure at the wrists and ankles through all the fun. With models adjustable to fit any bed, simply loop the straps under the mattress and attach the cuffs before the fun starts.