Remote Vibrators

When it’s time to get kinky, there’s no need to have a partner unless you want them to be the one to take control. A new and exciting vibrator can be just what you need to heat things up between the covers. Straight from Singapore, you can find a wireless remote controlled sex toy that allows you to have more power over your climax than ever before.

With powerful curves that make sure to hit your G-spot and your clitoris, a vibrator can have the shape that you need to feel filled and fulfilled. The best part is that you can connect a dildo to WiFi and have even more control with an Android or iPhone app.

Imagine the possibilities of a scream-inducing orgasm playing out when you can have greater control of the speed and crescendos of the vibration. Once you find the pattern that drives you crazy, save it so that you can use it again and again.

If excitement and anticipation gets you going, ask your partner to be the one to control the app. They can have the smartphone in their hand while you have the vibrator. You won’t know what hit you as they press the buttons and control if and when you are going to scream out in ecstasy.

Many remote vibrators are waterproof, too. This allows you to decide where you want to let your guard down and have a little bit of naughty fun. Take it in the shower, in the bed, or even use it at a private poolside. Plenty of varieties are available so you can decide what will take care of your needs.

Go wireless and let your lover have all the control with one of these high-tech remote-controlled vibrators. Place one of these eggs in your pleasure nest, and take flight into ecstasy with your lover's help. These gadgets are great for the bedroom, or take them on the road for discreet release. Nobody else will ever know that the "mp3 player" actually turns up your volume!