Hand/Leg Cuffs

Step up your game and transform your bed into a pleasure dome. Assert yourself while your partner is enjoying a pleasurable experience. These cuffs adult toys take your bedroom life to an entirely new level. Be the dominating partner or allow your partner to dominate by testing the waters in dominant and submissive roles. You can choose to subdue your partner by the wrists, ankles, or both. This will be a night you will never forget. Using cuffs is imperative in any BDSM regimen.

There are many types of cuffs to choose from such as easy-on/easy-off cuffs, corset cuffs, Velcro cuffs (which are sturdy and comfortable), or leather cuffs (straps can easily be adjusted to have a firm fit). You can play the rope bondage game with the silk rope hogtie which has silky laces that feel fantastic against the skin or you can choose chain link cuffs that provide a painless way to restrict movement while still giving your partner a level of comfort. You may also want to take a little softer approach with bondage with the silky handcuffs which has a simple loop style that allows you to subdue your partner without chafing or other heavy bondage mechanisms.

Why not have a set of cuffs around your partner's wrists or ankles and keep them right where you want them? With these, you can add a bit of control to your bedroom fun. Whether they are lined with fur, held by strong Velcro, made of thick leather or include a spreader bar to keep the legs wide open, hand and leg cuffs are an essential part of any bedroom BDSM toolbox.