There are many reasons why you should use condoms when you are having sex. Condoms help to prevent against the spread of unwanted diseases and help to protect against pregnancy. Both of these can be consequences of unprotected sex. However, while you know that wearing a condom is important, you may be unsure of where to buy your condoms.

There are many types of condoms out there, including Durex and Okamoto condoms. They come in different brands, sizes, colors, textures and scents. Some may be flavored, while some others may heat up or cool down as they are used. Condoms are not all the same, but you may think they are if you are shopping from the limited selection at a drug store.

Most people go to a drug store or online retailer when they need to purchase condoms. However, buying them online can be the best option giving you time to understand different condom types. The other benefit to ordering online is that the cost is often cheaper, and you are able to purchase the condoms you want discreetly and without judgment. This helps you to keep your sex life to yourself.

We bring new dimensions to the practice of safe sex with Durex condoms that will enhance your sexual experience. Tried and true traditional condoms, lubricated, shaped and specialty condoms in different flavours. Try them all to find your favourite condom or let your partner decide. Just make sure that you always have a condom within reach whenever the mood strikes! We offer same day delivery and carry a wide array of condoms, helping you to find the perfect ones for you.