We all have our lonely moments. For the past millenniums isolated human males only had their hands for comfort. At some point a few hundred years ago another man discovered the wonders of moisturizer. We are lucky to live in a time when we have many sex toy options to offer satisfaction. Some of the finest masturbator possibilities come from Japan.

While some men may prefer life-sized dolls, there are some drawbacks. These dolls are heavy, huge and can cost thousands of dollars to purchase. A smaller masturbator is a better option. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to hide. You will find a sex toy that will fit in your luggage for travel, or in your sock drawer at home.

The EXE line is the best of the onahole catalog, featuring a wide selection of preferences. They offer great masturbating experiences modeled after your favorite Japanese adult film stars like Julia. Those who prefer watching anime will find an onahole patterned after your favorite anime preferences. You will definitely find a beloved sex toy within this collection. Some fan-favorite varieties are ribbed, include vibrators, or feature extra tight entrances.

But before you make your purchase and strap in for the night, don't forget the lubricant. EXE offers lubricants that are clean and easy to wipe away afterward. They also have lotions that warm or cool as they are used.

Thanks to EXE, you can have the dream girl of your dreams whenever the mood strikes. The onahole lets you feel the warm, wet, and soft body of your favorite model. Internal folds, bumps, and ripples provide a life-like experience. The inside tightens around you and creates a suction that will make the EXE as real as the actual experience.