The Fleshlight series is one of the most well-known product lines of male masturbators on the market today. Although the initial design for Fleshlight products originated in Austin, Texas, we offer the most extensive range of their product in Singapore. The Fleshlight brand started as a sleeve that provided tightness around your erection but looked like a flashlight, only created from a flesh-like material. Today, men can choose a sex toy from this line that feels like the size of well-known porn stars and celebrity's vaginas, mouths, and assholes. Even gay men may enjoy Fleshlights from the Fleshjack series.

Whether you choose a Fleshlight or Fleshjack, the concept remains the same. You have a masturbator with ribbing on the inside that provides extra stimulation for your member. You may imagine finishing inside your favorite sex god or goddess or enjoy your partner giving you the experience of a lifetime, over and over again.

You reap the reward of the Fleshlight design. This sex toy manufacturer realizes after blowing a huge load that clean-up is a drag. Fortunately, all the masturbators provide you with the benefit of an easy clean-up process.

Fleshlight also offers dildos that feel real. They're crafted in the image of sex stars' real members. Other products available from this brand include lubes, sex toy cleaners, and lube. Truly, Fleshlight thinks about every step of the manual stimulation process. Unless you somehow find yourself with the opportunity to bang a celeb, every sex toy in this collection is the closest you'll ever get to the real thing.

Fleshlight products are ingeniously designed to simulate the look and feel of real sex, but in discreet and portable packaging that can easily be tucked away in a briefcase or pocket. With an array of different Fleshlight sex toys available, from simple masturbators that look like the real deal to those that are a little more complex, men love the variety of choices that are available. Fleshlight is known for its fully body-safe materials that are durable enough to last for many uses and still easy to clean.