Party Novelties

Are you ready to party? We offer a wide selection of party favors for your next hen party, Bachelorette party, or any sex themed adult party. When it comes to party suppliers, we know how to go down and get down. Our sex gifts cover all of your naughty party needs including: party novelties, erotic balloon novelties, drinking games, card and board game supplies and all the gear you need to make your Hens night a true party games rager! 

Don’t let your Hens night or Bachelorette party go without at least a little bang. Our store in Singapore is stocked full of all the sex gifts, party favors, and party novelties you need to make sure that it’s a night no one will be forgetting any time soon. Other party suppliers might be afraid to embrace their wild side, but we are always ready to throw one salacious adult party. 
If you’re planning a Hen party or any other adults only night, we have the best selection of outrageous treats for your guests:

  • Sex gifts to keep your guests stimulated
  • Naughty balloon decorations for an outrageous mood
  • Party games that aren’t afraid to “go there” and get dirty
  • Drinking games to let your inhibitions melt away
  • A variety of hot card games where chance can test your limits
  • A board game for every taste, no matter how spicy

Don’t let your next party fizzle out, make sure it stays hot with our adult party supplies.