No matter the type of sex that you're having with a partner, various types of lubricants and sprays can make the experience utterly breathtaking. Pjur products are no exception, offering a wide range of delayer, lubricants and oils. These range from improving your ability to have sex for a longer duration, to making it easier to relax for anal.

Pjur performance spray desensitizes the head of the penis, delaying your orgasm and allowing you to deliver penetrative pleasure to your partner for much longer. Delay spray keeps you hard and thrusting so you can be a superhero in bed, thrusting until your partner is at their peak and cums down with a shuddering orgasmic crash.

Pjur is based in Germany with decades of designing sexy, functional lubricant and prolong spray. These silicone lubricants are designed for use with a man or a woman, vaginal or anal, to make both partners cum again and again.

Their original line of lube is great for front or backdoor play, but their Analyse Me! lube is specially designed to keep things slick for longer when you're giving anal a try.

Shipped discreetly to you from our us in Singapore, Pjur products add a delightful sexy slickness to all play; vaginal or anal, men or women all the time.

Pjur transforms loving making into a joyous and delightful romp that enhances the ridiculously wild feeling of being young and free. It brings a curious sensation to foreplay and provides a massage that relaxes and thrills with gentle appeal.    Body care is vital, and these special feelings and touch can lead to experiences of gentle ecstacy and bliss, while making it so fun. Love making should have a joie de vivre, shouldn't it?