The Screaming O

The Screaming O puts fun and excitement in your sex toys collection. Want a vibrator that no one knows about? Try one of their options disguised as a lipstick, or slide on a pair of panties that vibrate remotely. Give your partner the remote control, and let him give your panty a little zing when you least expect it.

Have you learned yet what a cock ring can add to your bedroom sessions? With the Screaming O, you can try a basic rubber ring for more endurance or a super-powered ring for heightened pleasure. Stretch cock rings and Biggies give you and your partner more choice to ensure you get a size that works best. Add the Climax Cream for her to make sure you both achieve the most exciting sensations. You can also enjoy yourself when you're on your own with a MANsturbation soft stroker sleeve or a vibrating clit massager. Get yourself off with the help of The Screaming O range of products.

Cock rings, vibrators, panties, creams and more are designed to deliver pleasure and fun. These quality products shipped right from Singapore will give you long-lasting pleasure, increased sensation, and sexual arousal that you'll want to enjoy again and again. Try the Screaming O adult sex toys and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

The Screaming O is an adult toy novelty company that sells award-winning products to help couples enjoy more intimate and romantic relationships. This company is known for creating some of the most innovative and popular adult toys that have helped men, women, and couples enhance the fun and pleasure of their romantic relationships. Its product line includes a wide variety of cleverly-created products to include sexy accessories, erection rings, mini-vibes, and much more. Its award-winning products have been featured in several news media publications to include Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Women's Health Magazine, among others.