A personal product or epic proportions, the Womanizer is a device that comes second to none. Marked by its revolutionary brand of technology, the Womanizer provides ladies with hours of pleasure via its touchless clitoral titillation. A one-of-a-kind device, the Womanizer stimulates by lightly sucking in the clitoris via a series of pulsating pressure waves, which are adjustable for your personal preferences. A climactic experience that is unprecedented, this device strokes all the right places, without the problem of over stimulation.

Introducing the Womanizer Orgasm Guaranteed Campaign

We believe so strongly in the transformative power of the Womanizer that we're offering a bold promise: From now till 13 August, if you don't experience an orgasm within 30 days of purchase, you can return the Womanizer for a full refund, no questions asked. We are confident that this device will bring your pleasure to new heights, and this is our commitment to your satisfaction and pleasure. Enjoy the luxury of the Womanizer with the assurance that your happiness is guaranteed.


Terms & Conditions of Womanizer Orgasm Guaranteed Campaign:

  1. Campaign period is from 13 June to 13 August 2024. Only orders that are made within this period are eligible for return via this campaign.
  2. Return request has to be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  3. All Womanizer models are eligible for return with this campaign.
  4. The Womanizer product has to be returned to us in order to get the full refund.
  5. Refunds cannot be converted into credits or gift cards.
  6. Refunds do not include reimbursement of return shipping fee. Shipping fee of the return shall be borne by the customer, or return can be dropped off at our office.
  7. CherryAffairs reserves the rights to amend any T&C of this giveaway.